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Video: Ibori Started As A Petty Thief In London

On April 17, 2012, former Delta State governor, James Ibori was sentenced to 13 years in prison for money laundering. What many do not know is that the former governor started his stealing career in London as a petty thief at a Wickes Hardware store before he became a governor.

Stephanie Okereke and Linus Idahosa’s White Wedding In Paris

They were both  pronounced husband and wife at a private wedding ceremony held in Paris France, attended by few friends and family. Monalisa Chinda, Ini Edo, Genevieve Nnaji and a host of other celebrities attended the ceremony.

View photos below…

Pastor’s Mother-In-Law Resurrects After 12 Days In Akure

Almost everything about the story is related to the Word, the Holy Bible. It is a story involving a pastor’s mother-in-law, told by a pastor and corroborated by pastors and Born-Again Christians.

In Akure, Ondo State, a state where intriguing mysteries would never cease to happen, a miracle similar to the Lazarus experience unfolded recently. A 67-year old mother of three resurrected 12 days after being pronounced clinically dead! Stranger than fiction you might say. But this is the story of Mama Victoria Gbemisola Babatunde (née Bolarinwa) who was certified dead on January 7, this year but is now back to life, hale and hearty.

She would have been buried almost immediately she was certified dead…

But something delayed the burial: The nationwide strike against the removal of fuel subsidy made it impossible for the children to gather to arrange her burial. A date was eventually fixed and the children were on their way for the burial when they learnt that she had resurrected!

The moving story was told to Vanguard by her son-in-law, Pastor Andrew Ozoemena, who had earlier, last Sunday, given a testimony at the Living Faith Church, Jengre Road, Jos, where Mama, as she is popularly called, used to fellowship before she relocated to Ondo State following the persistent crisis in Jos.

Members of the Elders Council of the church to which Mrs. Babatunde belonged had actually contributed some money in support of her burial when they heard of her demise only to be told later that she was back to life.

Many, like Thomas in the Bible, doubted the story until they learnt of her arrival in Jos. The home of the Ozoemenas, located around British American Junction, Jos, had since her return, become a centre of attraction as many go there to catch a glimpse of the ‘resurrected’ woman.

Pastor Ozoemena, a missionary, married to Abimbola, Mrs Babatunde’s first daughter, narrated the story to Vanguard in what he tagged a “Millennium Testimony”.

“…Meanwhile, we were also told that the corpse of Mama was rejected at the hospital in Akure because of the strike, so the only available option was to invite mortuary attendants to embalm her at home. We kept on praying and believing God for the strike to be called off soonest to enable us travel for her burial. With a death certificate already issued, we began to break the news of her death to our friends, relations and others close to us and many visited or sent their condolence messages.

I told my wife to inform her mother’s church members and the pastor in Living Faith Church about the death of her mother and she eventually did on 18 January, 2012 during the church’s midweek service. At the end of the meeting, the elders of the church even gave my wife some money in support of the burial.

“Contrary to our expectation, the nationwide strike lasted for more than a week thereby further delaying our journey to make the burial arrangements, but little did we realize that God was using it to achieve a purpose. This is because, if not for the strike, she would have been buried.

We had sent money for necessary burial arrangements to be made but it was impossible to go ahead with the burial since all Mama’s three children were based outside Ondo State and it would have been against Yoruba tradition to bury her in their absence. Pressure was mounted on my wife, being the first child, to find a way of getting to Ondo for the burial to go on but all efforts to travel failed.

“Since the corpse was at home and not in the mortuary, as I earlier explained, the family had to employ the services of mortuary personnel who visited to administer a vaccine called clurophune on daily basis to preserve the body from decaying.

We did not realize that God was already doing a miracle, but on the fifth day after her demise, my brother in-law called to inform us that her body had begun to grow warm. Based on this development, we intensified prayers and urged God to give us what we said would be a testimony of the millennium.

“In a dramatic turn of events, Mama sneezed and opened her eyes on the ninth day of her death, as the mortuary attendant was busy taking care of her body. The startled mortuary attendant ran out of the room and called on family members and those around to come and witness what she saw.

After sneezing and opening her eyes, she did not utter any word for three days, making people unsure of her actual state. Three days after this incident, that is, on 20 January, the 12th day of her being pronounced dead, she spoke to her younger brother (Pastor Amos) and even drank water and ate some food.

This development was kept away from us because the mortuary attendant was said to have advised against breaking the news in view of similar past experiences when people came back to life momentarily after days of being pronounced dead only to be found dead later.

Since the burial date had already been fixed for Saturday, 21 January, my wife took off for Akure on Friday the 20th while I was to travel by night bus that same night to join her the next morning. She eventually arrived in Akure at about 10p.m. that day only to be told that her mother had just resurrected. Naturally, she was shocked and did not believe it initially until the whole thing was explained to her.

“After she recovered a little and regained her memory, Mama told her children that she would like to come to Jos to share her testimony and the message which the Lord gave her for the body of Christ. Right now, she is staying with me and my family in Jos. Since her arrival, people come to my house on daily basis to hear her testimony.

“Three days after her arrival in Jos, my wife and I took her to the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) for medical examinations and necessary treatments. We were also privileged that one of our neighbors, Evangelist Femi Alu, linked us with his friend, Evangelist/Doctor Ezekiel, a Sri Lankan who works in JUTH. When he heard the testimony of my mother-in-law, he was astonished seeing the same old woman on her feet.

“He and other doctors said it was very rare to see someone who was dead for many days come back to life with all the parts of the body still functioning normally.

They said that some people who died and eventually came back to life often experienced malfunctioning of parts of their body. Some of them became blind, deaf or became paralyzed, but my mother-in-law’s case was exceptionally different. With this testimony, some of the doctor’s colleagues got born again, that very day at the hospital. The doctors carried out some tests on her and the results showed that she was formally dead.

Even the acid called clurophune that was injected into her body for the preservation of her corpse from decaying was also indicated on the results.”

I went to heaven and I saw Jesus seated at the right hand of God. Jesus took me to hell and I saw those who had been in hell for more than a thousand years and they were being tormented day and night. I also saw the angels worshipping and singing round the clock in heaven and the gates and the entire streets of heaven were pure gold.

Thereafter, Jesus now told me to go back to the world and accomplish my purpose on earth and to inform other Christians about what I saw.”

Commenting on Mama’s testimony, Pastor Ozoemena said: “If a woman (widow), aged 67, still has some purpose to accomplish, I believe this is a wake-up call for we the younger generation and the entire body of Christ in the world.”

This is the ‘resurrected’ woman.


Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua can’t seem to stay out of the news. However, this time it’s not concerning a prophetic utterance or political visitor…

On Sunday 15thApril 2012, Joshua’s popular church in Lagos was witness to a disgusting yet dramatic case of a man with a truly repulsive addiction. Mr Mukaila Malomo, a Nigerian who lived in Germany for 16 years, confessed to being addicted to regularly taking a sickening concoction of faeces, semen and urine.

According to Malomo, a graduate from the London School of Journalism, it all started one night in a prison cell in Germany. “I woke up in the middle of the night and a very wicked demon instructed me to get up from my bed,” he told the bewildered SCOAN congregation. “This strange voice said that I should go to the toilet, defecate and mix it with my sperm and urine. I mixed my urine, sperm and faeces and swallowed everything.”

Malomo, who worked in a reputable organic salad company in Munich before a drunken brawl landed him in prison, explained that an unusual anger and desire to fight immediately followed. “After I swallowed it, a very strange power came over me. I felt as if I was a small god. It overcame me and I became very strong and angry – as if there’s an extra power from another world entering my body. I was ready for war. Ever since then, for over 15 years, I have been addicted to eating my faeces, urine and sperm. I can’t stop it.”

He continued his sordid tale, explaining how each indulgence in the addiction would result in further violence. “After my release from prison, I was always fighting in Germany. Sometimes, the police would have to cover the whole street to try to stop me – and I was using only a bottle. I kept on stabbing without getting tired – because of this power that entered me.”

People present in the church could scarcely contain their shock as Malomo’s revelations continued. “It is not only my own faeces; on many occasions, I visited public toilets here in Nigeria and Germany and ate from there.” He described the mixture as food to him. “I enjoy it. I don’t even perceive any smell. I eat it as if I eat eba (Nigerian cuisine) or something like that.”

Malomo, married to a German Hungarian lady who gave birth to his only son while in prison, described how he had kept this addiction a total secret from the world around him. “As I am eating it, that evil spirit will be telling me that this thing is only for me, that nobody should know, otherwise the power will go.”

Joshua proceeded to tell his congregation and the viewers worldwide watching the live broadcast via Christian television station Emmanuel TV that a video clip would be shown to verify Malomo’s confession. Stating that it was too graphic for him to witness, he covered his face and advised viewers without strong stomachs to do likewise. The clip showed Malomo mixing his own urine and faeces together and then drinking the revolting contents with apparent ease and delight. People within the auditorium vomited at the sight, distressed at the level of degradation the addiction had rendered on Malomo.

Joshua then called on the congregants to join together in supplication and proceeded to pray for the ‘demon’ within Malomo to come out! Falling to the floor, Malomo’s body began vibrating uncontrollably and uncannily. Asked to explain what was happening, Malomo said he felt as if something was leaving his body.

Joshua then instructed Malomo to go to the church’s public toilet to see how his reaction towards human waste had changed following the prayer. Merely perceiving the odour of other’s defecation caused Malomo himself to vomit. He returned to the church, testifying that all desire for his former addiction had vanished as the realization of his earlier actions dawned upon him. “Apart from being irritated by the odour, I feel ashamed, in the sense that – how can a human being be eating faeces,” he told the congregation, as he joined Joshua in a joyful dance.

SCOAN has now controversially released the video on popular video-sharing site YouTube and via their Facebook account which has garnered well over 100,000 fans in just four months. Although Malomo’s case appears to be the most extreme, many with strange addictions claim to have been delivered at Joshua’s ministry over the last few months, including those addicted to drinking kerosene, eating ice cubes, sand, charcoal, mothballs and soil.

T.B. Joshua has set social networks and local media ablaze in recent months, especially with his prediction concerning the death of the late Malawian president Bingu wa Mutharika and revelations of his relationships with African leaders such as Ghana’s John Atta Mills, Zimbabwe’s Morgan Tsvangarai and Malawi’s new head Joyce Banda. His television station Emmanuel TV continues to increase in popularity, especially across Africa where he is becoming a household name.